doom 1 remixes
name format size
intro flac 18,9mb
e1m1 flac 27,5mb
e1m2 flac 20,6mb
e1m3 flac 21,0mb
e1m4 flac 27,2mb
e1m5 flac 21,3mb
e1m6 flac 23,5mb
e1m7 flac 23,5mb
e1m8 flac 21,5mb
e1m9 flac 25,7mb
e2m1 flac 29,0mb
e2m2 flac 25,9mb
e2m3 flac 26,8mb
e2m4 flac 13,9mb
e2m6 flac 17,2mb
e2m7 flac 23,0mb
e2m8 flac 20,4mb
e2m9 flac 28,1mb
e3m2 flac 19,0mb
e3m3 flac 25,9mb
e3m8 flac 27,9mb
bunny flac 13,2mb
end flac 23,2mb
doom 2 remixes
name format size
intro flac 5,3mb
level01 flac 21,7mb
level02 flac 15,0mb
level03 flac 20,4mb
level04 flac 22,2mb
level05 flac 20,8mb
level06 flac 12,2mb
level07 flac 21,7mb
level08 flac 20,7mb
level09 flac 15,0mb
level10 flac 20,4mb
level18 flac 17,2mb
level20 flac 14,9mb
level23 flac 22,5mb
level25 flac 15,6mb
level28 flac 16,4mb
level30 flac 15,3mb
level31 flac 15,5mb
level32 flac 12,3mb
score flac 17,5mb
end flac 12,5mb
doom evilution remixes
name format size
level01 flac 32,3mb
level02 flac 23,5mb
level04 flac 30,0mb
level05 flac 23,9mb
level06 flac 9,1mb
level07 flac 15,9mb
level08 flac 26,8mb
level10 flac 8,2mb
level11 flac 21,8mb
level14 flac 24,7mb
level15 flac 22,0mb
level20 flac 23,7mb
level22 flac 24,9mb
level31 flac 20,5mb
end flac 29,2mb
heretic remixes
name format size
intro mp3 surround 7,4mb
title mp3 surround 2,6mb
cptd mp3 surround 5,3mb
e1m1 mp3 surround 7,1mb
e1m2 mp3 surround 8,3mb
e1m3 mp3 surround 6,4mb
e1m4 mp3 surround 8,5mb
e1m5 mp3 surround 7,2mb
e1m6 mp3 surround 9,2mb
e1m7 mp3 surround 5,6mb
e1m8 mp3 surround 5,7mb
e1m9 mp3 surround 7,4mb
name format size
intro mp3 surround 1,5mb
beehkosuy mp3 surround 4,3mb
communication³ mp3 surround 8,3mb
count mp3 surround 9,4mb
drum storage flac 21,2mb
hall of doom flac 26,5mb
house mp3 surround 6,0mb
monotonie flac 21,8mb
on flac 28,8mb
screw flac 26,1mb
sleep, work and watch tv flac 16,1mb
thujon flac 28,7mb
was denn flac 26,5mb
was soll's mp3 surround 7,0mb

download all with:
'wget -r -A flac,mp3'
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